How to make a budget that really works for you

Budgeting – it’s a good thing. It just makes us feel bad when we get it wrong and whatever makes you feel bad, you don’t really want to keep doing.

How many times have you heard “create a Budget” as an essential tip to managing your finances?

Well, you’re going to hear it again:

In order to manage your finance well and

stay on the right track to wealth, you need to learn to Budget!

However, we want to make it a bit easier for you to do than all the other times you’ve tried. Here, we don’t use the word ‘Budget’. It sounds so…limiting. Restrictive even.

From now on, instead of talking about ‘Budgets’ we will be talking about making a Money Plan.

When you plan something, you are in control. You determine what to do, how things are done or where they go and it makes you feel good. Instead of thinking about ‘budgeting’, think of managing your finances as creating a plan for your money. Every pound (or dollar, euro, whatever your currency is) is given a job.

Creating a budget Money Plan will help you to deal with manage your spending and your debts if you have them. You will have a plan for repaying your debts, paying your bills, saving for the future and even (my favourite!) going shopping.

Putting a plan in place also means that you know where your money is going and can happily keep track of it.